Importing Quality American Used Cars in Tanzania

Here are the steps on how to import cars from Japan:

Step 1: Find Reliable Supplier

Due to the continuous expansion of exporting American used cars from Japan, exporting used cars are becoming the huge market in East African countries. Recently, the internet has a huge number of companies that export cars but some of them are showing unbelievably cheap prices or not real photos of the cars. In order for you to avoid the Internet fraud you should make sure to check the background of that certain company, and check for the reliability and condition of the cars with terms and sales condition. The best way to know their company is through the local Japanese Embassy.

Step 2. Choose the right car

There are regulations in importing used cars in Tanzania; it was require to have a JAAI (Japan Auto Appraisal Institute) or a road worthiness certificate. The purpose of this certification is to avoid the penalty for the car you wanted to be imported. Furthermore, there is a model years regulation, the cars which is older than 10 years from manufacture date is required to pay for penalized excise duty which is 20% of total value including import duty. This is due to the protection of control for the vehicle's condition standard into the country.

Step 3. Payment

Once you have decided to purchase the vehicle, you can receive the Invoice from the supplier. The most of the company prefer the customer to arrange the payment via Bank remittance. Once you get the Invoice, you can print it out and bring it to your local major bank to transfer money to their bank account. Make sure to have the receipt of your payment at your bank as it is proof of your money transfer and you can submit it to your supplier for their quicker confirmation.

Step 4. Shipment Delivery

Once your payment is acknowledged by the supplier the shipment will be process. The supplier required to have the full payment prior to the shipment delivery. The delivery normally takes 4 to 6 weeks by RORO, a cargo that was specialized in carrying cars to different ports. You can make sure ask your supplier about the estimated arrival date in Dar-es Salaam and receive the all necessary documents by air courier before the vehicle arrives as you can start to prepare the port clearing process to avoid any possible delay of port clearing.

Step 5. Port clearance and custom clearing

Before the car arrives, you have to find the local port clearing agent who is specialized port clearing company to handle your car from port and custom clearing. You can follow their instruction and arrange the port clearing fee and custom duty with all necessary documents.